Orphans of the Universe
by Rikki Kim Clark

I have come to understand
that all things fall apart;
that the forces that govern the earth and stars,
are the same to which govern our hearts.

Life promises nothing:
that is security …
what is justice …
What promises to keep you

from the carelessness of chance
or the injustice of fate?
When illusions are fractured like shattered glass,
and the staging of a perfect world
crumbles in an instant.

You have become a victim
of circumstances greater than yourself.
The mouse does not question
when he is caught at last.

I have come to understand
that the final condition is chaos;
and what appears as order
is but a momentary state.

My condition seems merciless
as an abandoned child,
abandoned by a universe,
left naked in a hostile world;
an angel asked to discard its wings.

But what makes me a creature
worthy of a God?
What quality and by what power
is invested in each of us?

I believe it is the quality of faith,
that by any other name
is but the same.
It lifts us like a pair of wings
out of the bondage of our condition;

and by some availing grace,
not of prejudice or condition,
not earned or deserving,
you are pardoned.

Among the lowly animals,
we are separate and alone.
Orphans rising out of dust,
searching for purpose, truth or cause.

The image of God is within us;
two opposing forces,
one that destroys
and one that restores.